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Abel Metal Polishing Adelaide is your local METAL POLISHER offering a professional and efficient service in any metal finishing or polishing specialising in restoration and on-site work (where applicable). Owner and operator Mr Mazzeo’s history of numerous satisfied customers and Iconic projects is a testament to his quality workmanship. He maintains an attitude of providing personal service to his customers.

Abel Metal Polishing Adelaide provides a finishing and/or polishing service to all types of metal, whether it be domestic, commercial or automotive.

Automotive enthusiasts who require mirror finishes on their items will be pleased to note that Abel Metal Polishing Adelaide specialises in this field.

Whether it be a mirror or satin finish that you are after, Mr Mazzeo will be there to accommodate and assist you to find the correct finish for the job.

In an era where standards, honesty, reliability and commitments are dropping, you will find dealing with Mr Mazzeo a wonderful and enlightening experience. Mr Mazzeo has a passion for high standards and wants people to be positively impacted by his conduct and workmanship. His motto is to do the job once and do it properly.

Regarding the issue of “SINK RESTORATION“, Mr Mazzeo says that people who dispose of their yesteryear sinks because of wear and tear are throwing their money down the drain.

Abel Metal Polishing Adelaide has over 30 years experience in metal finishing and polishing and also provides a hole cutting service for stainless steel products on-site*. *(Mr Mazzeo has a special tool which enables him to go out ON-SITE and modifies the existing sink outlets to suit the popular stainless steel basket unit).


  • Yesteryear products are thicker and therefore stronger
  • Stainless steel items in a number of cases were of better quality.
  • Stainless steel products that are restored assist the recycling process.
  • In most cases, the cost of the restoration process is cheaper than if you buying an identical new sink.

Mr Mazzeo can be contacted on 08 8333 3282 for all your metal polishing needs. All quotes and consultations are done outside working hours so that Mr Mazzeo can offer uninterrupted quality time to the client.